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Below is a list of places you can buy rare No Doubt items, as well as things that are ND-related:
L.A.M.B bags:
Cairns Store
Corner Abbots and Spence Street
Cairns NSW 4870 
George Street Store
155 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Gold Coast Store
25 Cavill Avenue
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Rare CD's and memorabilia:
 - HMV in Bourke St Mall, Melbourne sells the Maximum No Doubt biography cd. They also often stock imports of albums - they have a Japanese import of The Singles, but it's $50.
 - Second Spin in Melbourne sell some No Doubt bootleg CD's, but they are at ridiculous prices like $90
 - Smoke Dreams near Flinders St station in Melbourne sell a few different ND stickers, patches, sometimes posters, and sometimes tshirts
 - JB Hi-fi sell the Deluxe Edition of LAMB for $65 - the cheapest I have seen. They appear to only have the red version though. They also have the self titled album and Beacon Street for only $13 - this is the cheapest i have ever seen them.
 - Hifi Supermarket on Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood, Vic sell the blue version of the Deluxe Edition of LAMB, but it was about $85
 - Billy Hyde music stores around Melbourne are selling the Adrian Young signature drumsticks for $22 and the drum bags for approx $60
 - Dragonfly Discs in Melbourne (near Flinders St station) are selling No Doubt and Beacon Street for $15.
 - Dirt Cheap CD's in Melbourne sell Everything In Time for only $15
 - Blue Dog Posters, 9 Wilson St Newtown, sell the Rock Steady poster and the Rolling Stone cover poster for $10. Just search for Blue Dog Posters on google.
 - Real Groovy in NZ have alot of rare stuff, worth checking the place out for some ND stuff
 - Dangerfield clothing stores can be found all around Melbourne, and they often sell things with cool patterns that resemble No Doubt-style.
 - A martial arts store near my work sell the Adidas boxing boots that Gwen wore during the RS tour in 2002. It is on Maroondah Hwy in Ringwood - if anyone wants details just let me know.
 - You can now buy red tartan Converse All Star shoes for $60 - very cool!
If anyone every has any questions on the items on the official ND store, just email me - i own the majority of the girl's items off there, so i could tell you about the sizing, style, and colour etc - items aren't always the same as the photo!!
No Doubt merchandise online:
L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers online: