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**Apologies but the gallery is down right now through no fault of my own. If anyone needs anything in particular from there, contact me and I can email it to you.
I'm always looking for new photos I can add to the gallery. If you have pics of any of the following please email me:
Your ND collection (CD's, DVD's, tshirts, LAMB etc)
Fan art (it can be ANYTHING!)
Tour photos from any Aussie/NZ tours
Desktops, avatars, signatures and banners
Any rare ND merch (you don't have to own it yourself)
DIY ND shirts
Rare posters (promotional or otherwise)
Scans of past concert tickets and concert posters
ND tattoos
I am especially looking for pics of the following ND music (you don't have to own these yourself, i just want pics):

Any old ND demo tapes

Self titled album - promo

Trapped In A Box - cd, promo, vinyl, tape

Beacon Street - vinyl, tape

Excuse Me Mr - single, vinyl

Happy Now - promo, vinyl, tape

Hey You - promo, vinyl, tape

Cellophane Boy - vinyl?

New - tape

Exgirlfriend - vinyl

Bathwater - vinyl, tape

Hey Baby - tape

Underneath It All - vinyl, tape

Running - vinyl, tape

The Singles - vinyl

It's My Life - tape

Bathwater remix - vinyl, tape

Everything In Time - promo

What You Waiting For? - tape

Rich Girl - tape

Hollaback Girl - tape

Cool - tape

Luxurious - tape

Crash - single, tape

3x ND DVD's - promos??
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