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 - No Doubt Australia now has a new domain, please proceed to Don't forget to update your links!




 - I ripped Harajuku Lovers Live to mp3s for everyone, you can either download it in two sections or song by song. If you post them anywhere else please remember to credit No Doubt Australia.

Part one

Part two


 - Thanks to Adam, the current issue of Famous has a piece on Gwen.




 - Here's the Who mag scans, click thumbnails to enlarge.

 - The Billboard Awards are taking place in the US tonight/tomorrow, does anyone know if they're being shown here? My new Foxtel guide hasn't arrived yet so I can't check.




 - As you all know, The Sweet Escape (album), Harajuku Lovers Live (DVD) and Wind It Up (single) have now all been released in Australia. I picked up the DVD for $21.99 at JB Hi-Fi which seemed like a pretty good deal. The cheapest place to get the album would be Big W where all Top 40 albums are $18.99. Don't forget to keep an eye out for promo posters at your local music store and see if you can score a copy! If I can be bothered I might try and rip the dvd to mp3s tomorrow.


 - I scanned both the full album booklet and DVD cover and slip, click thumbnails to enlarge:




 - Thanks to Sue, the current issue of Who has a four page spread on Gwen. I'll scan it and post later.

 - Gwen is back in the ARIA charts for the first time since January this year! Wind It Up debuted on the digital chart at #24 last week and has jumped to #10 this week.

 - I heard The Sweet Escape on the radio yesterday, so we can only hope that is the next Australian release instead of Yummy.


 - Here's the deal on this new website business - it's 100% finished, I'm just having some technical difficulties right now because I really know nothing about this stuff, I'm trying really hard to get it resolved asap though.




 - Thanks to nodoubt_chick, this weeks episode of The Know will be screening on Music Max the following times:

Friday 7pm

Saturday 8:30am & 5pm

Sunday 5pm

Monday 11:30am




 - The next episode of The Know on Music Max will be showing piece on Gwen, looks like it could be the Pop World interview. There was a quick clip of it on the Arenatainment News on Arena just now. Unfortunately I can't get onto the Max website right now but hopefully someone knows when The Know is on.




 - Wind It Up Australian premiere! Tonight and tomorrow morning on Rage, 6am-8am Saturday, ABC. Finally!




 - Thanks again to Sue, from the Herald Sun:

Gwen Stefani Sydney Bound
Stefani, whose new solo album, The Sweet Escape, is due out next month, is in negotiations with Universal Music (the parent label behind her album releases) to travel to SYDNEY and MELBOURNE as part of her visit.
There's no word yet on how many live shows Stefani will perform for the public (apart from the usual invitation-only showcases), but at least one major promoter is believed to be involved in the planning of the trip.




 - Fox 8 will be screening the American Music Awards this Wednesday at 12pm (lunchtime).

 - Thanks to Sue, according to the Herald Sun, Gwen is currently in negotiations for a mid-2007 tour here.

 - The Sweet Escape is not being released on December 1st (Friday not Saturday) by JB Hi-Fi, who knows why but it's good for us!




 - are listing the release of The Sweet Escape (UK version), Wind It Up and Harajuku Lovers Live all for December 2nd. You can pre-order them on the website now.




 - Thanks to Adam, Wind It Up was the most added song on Australian radio this week!




Hey everyone, just letting you know I'll be back soon, have one week left of my course.


I saw some absolutely major ripoffs of HL in Myer today, everyone has to go check them out. It's just one shirt by a brand starting with R by Lee. They're a pinkish colour and have the watercolour styled artwork of an asian girl on the front and some japanese writing on the sleeve. They are incredibly similar to HL, I actually thought it was HL for a second. I think they were around $50.


In other quick news, The Sweet Escape will be released in Australia on December 2nd.




 - I just ripped the leaked clip of Sweet Escape for everyone! Download it here.


 - In other quick news, thanks to Stephen from Everything In Time, he has set up a new gallery for me so I'll get working on that once my course is over. I'm making it my mission to have everything up by the end of the year.





Gwen is currently putting the finishing touches on a brand new album which will be out before the end of the year.  "This is definitely another dance record but the sound has evolved a lot over the last two years as I've gone in and out of the studio.  It's more melodic and very modern." she said recently.  This time around Pharrell Williams, Nellee Hooper and Tony Kanal return producing/co-writing new songs while first time collaborators Akon and Tim Rice-Oxley (of Keane) join the fray.  Song titles include "Wind It Up", "Orange County Girl", "Fluorescent" and "Candyland."


A live DVD is also set to be released this year.  The Harajuku Lovers Live DVD will feature a full concert performance shot last year in Gwen's hometown of Anaheim, CA and will be packed with bonus features and footage as well.  The live performance includes all the songs off of L.A.M.B. along with 2 songs from the new album.  Frequent video director and friend Sophie Muller helmed the concert film.

Keep checking for the latest album info, appearances and details on Gwen¹s 2007 World Tour set to begin in April and cover North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


(I'm going to work on finding out approximate prices for a trip to Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane because that's what I plan on doing, so when I get a roundabout figure I'll post it in case others are interested).


 - are saying the release date for Gwen's album is December 5th (which would mean Australia gets it on the 3rd if that is in fact the release date).




 - Happy birthday to Gwen who turned 37 yesterday.


 - I've only got 5 weeks left until the end of my course so I'm sorry but I need to break from the site until then because I really need to work on my folio. There may be an occasional update or two but not alot. Good luck also to anyone who has exams coming up, especially those in VCE.




 - From

'Tony recently produced a track for the band Pepper.  The song, “Rent”, will appear on their upcoming album, No Shame, which comes out this Tuesday, October 3.  For more on Pepper, visit them at'

 - Thanks to Julio, you can now find reduced LAMB from previous seasons at

 - Thanks to Lovely Little Lamb you can purchase children's HL from Black




 - Just Jared have new pics of Gwen and Gavin at Claridges Hotel in London.

 - According to NoDoubterChris on the official forum, he has spoken with Angel and Steelo (harajuku dancers) and they have both said they are preparing for a tour with Gwen in March. Read the topic here.


 - 80’s Purple have added quite a few new HL items and so have The Giant Peach.

 - The new HL bags are also available for purchase from Revolve Clothing.


 - Thanks to Jolien, you can watch a short video of Gwen at the Harajuku Lovers launch party from 2005 here.

 - If you visit Zaldy NYC and go to press > celebrity, there's some articles on Gwen there.


 - If you visit No you can watch a video of Spen performing Spiderwebs with ND.

 - Thanks to Jolien, check out this chocolate LAMB.




 - Check out this great site LAMB Fashion Show where you can watch Gwen's fashion show from September 2005.

Thanks to Carly you can download the full show in audio here and the full video thanks to V here.

 - Kitson are stocking some of the new HL bags, including the Camo print.

 - The Giant Peach have new mens HL.

 - Thanks to Lovely Little Lamb, check out a new HL shirt here.


 - Thanks to Lamb Lovers, here's some info on the new LAMB currently in stores:

LAMB are lowering their prices by 20%.
The new Staff Icon shirts - come in 6-7 different colours, one of which is hot pink. There are also hoodies and sweatpants.
The Lambi Cami print is back - so far only on sweatpants and thermals.
The rainbow print LAMB outfit that says New York Los Angeles LAMB etc is based on a vintage piece Gwen found and it will have the word Tokyo spelled as Tokio on it because that's how she found it written on the vintage piece and she wants to stay true to that.


 - I just wanted to give all the Aussies a heads up, there's been a few LAMB bags showing up on ebay recently, almost all of which are fakes. You can spot a fake one by the Lesportsac text on the tag, it's alot more spaced out. For example, this one is fake whereas this one appears to be real. And especially since these bags aren't being made anymore, you've got to wonder where all these bags that are 'new with tags' are coming from. Just don't want to see anyone wasting their money.




 - Adrian just posted in the Band Room on the official forum:

'Hey you guys! Sorry about the long delay in posting. This has been a great summer for all of us! Personally, I have been doing fun family stuff like camping, going to county fairs, Disneyland, and lots of swimming with Mason. Looking forward to my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!! Once again, i will be a clown.

On the music side of things, i will be performing at House of Blues, Anaheim w/ The Start opening for Rancid on Oct. 12.

Anybody watch Rock Star Supernova? That was my favorite show of the summer and i will most likely be going into the studio with Dilana to play drums on her record. Thanks to all for your ND support and we can't wait to bring you new music in the near future!! i hope all you have had a great summer, and for those you going back to school, kick ass, and do your homework!! Adrian




 - New Gwen candids at

 - You can watch a short video of Gwen at the LAMB Fashion Show from ET on Just Jared.


 - Thanks to Disneys Rude Boy, here's an interesting article from Rolling Stone in November 1998:

'There is absolutely no doubt that Michael Beinhorn is the hottest producer on the planet. With albums like the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Mother's Milk and Soundgarden's Superunknown already to his credit, Beinhorn set out to further embellish his resume by producing Hole's Celebrity Skin and Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals; currently, he is working on the Verve Pipe's follow-up to their multi-platinum 1996 effort, Villains. Now, as if being in a studio with so many massive egos wouldn't make him permanently claustrophobic, Beinhorn will forgo a lengthy vacation to take the helm on the next No Doubt album.

Late this summer, No Doubt completed seven tracks with producer Matthew Wilder (Tragic Kingdom) in a Los Angeles studio, but now that relationship looks over, as the group continues to write new material before they head east and begin work with Beinhorn early next year in a New York studio. "There was no big blowout [between No Doubt and Wilder]," according to Wilder's manager, Tim McDaniel. "It was a creative thing. We're hopeful that some of Matthew's work is gonna end up on this record."

Right now, there is no set release date for the new album, tentatively titled 'Magic's In The Makeup', which No Doubt agent Mitch Okmin estimates will take another three months to complete. Mid-summer, however, is considered an unofficial target date for its release.'


 - New mens HL hoodie on ebay.

 - For anyone interested, in addition to playing Falls Festival this year at Marion Bay and Lorne, Matt Costa has announced more Australian tour dates. Tickets are approximately $35 and as far as I know Tom will not be on the tour. You can catch him at:

Jan 1st - Hifi Bar, Melbourne
Jan 2nd - Gaelic Theatre, Sydney
Jan 3rd - Coolangatta Hotel, Brisbane
Kan 4th - Hotel Great Northern, Byron Bay




 - From

'"Gwen Stefani has great news for fans who want the singer to bring back her "Hollaback" vibe. "It's part two to the [Love, Angel, Music, Baby] record," Stefani said of her second, yet-untitled solo album. On Friday, the No Doubt singer presented her spring 2007 L.A.M.B. collection to rain-drenched fashion insiders such as Mena Suvari and Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. The new mom dished to MTV News about her upcoming LP, her fashion inspirations and 4-month-old son Kingston James.

Stefani hopes the record, which she calls "ear candy," drops before 2007. She said she won't stray too far from what worked on her successful solo debut, even recycling some familiar collaborators. "There's a lot of songs that were left over from the last album, and there's some new songs I did with Pharrell," she said. "There's a lot of Pharrell on this record. I did some stuff with [No Doubt's] Tony [Kanal] and some stuff with Akon." MTV News also caught up with Swizz Beatz during Fashion Week and he said he's working with Gwen too. "She's always taking it to the next level," he said. "I love her background for music. She likes a lot of Caribbean sounds with hard beats." '

 - From

'Gwen's hubby, Gavin Rossdale, told MTV News he was "clearly very proud" of his wife's fashion work. "From what I've seen, it's good," he said. "It's very stylish, and it's got lots of good attitude."
Gwen's baby, Kingston, was backstage during the show.
"The baby is amazing," Gwen said. "He just had his little food backstage, and now he's having a nap. It's bizarre how he fits in, and I didn't know how it was going to work out. He's just there, and it's just exciting to know that I can go around the corner and just kiss him if I need to. He's the most delicious thing you've ever experienced. It's like a three-dimensional amazing thing to my life."


 - LAMB have a new mens shoe added, the Miehana in white for US$200.

 - have added new LAMB.

 - The Harajuku Lovers bags have started arriving. Dr stock the bags, and this seller on ebay also has some.

 - Thanks to Lovely Little Lamb, you can preview the new HL bags here.

 - You can read a fans story from the LAMB fashion show here thanks to mistykristy.




 - You can check out some LAMB fashion show pics here, and you can also find a tonne on Carly's No Doubt Web.

 - are listing a new Gwen biography for US$11.53, details here.

 - Check out photos of the actual Camo print HL bags here. A selection of the new bags are now available at The Giant Peach.


 - 'Gwen and Gavin named their son after Kingston, Jamaica. They had picked out the name six years ago and "were saving it up," she says. "We talked about it so long ago, we had a baby Rasta hat that we bought in Jamaica, and he got to go from the hospital in it." '


 - 'Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Diddy, Nick Lachey and dozens more will be featured in "Big Red Book," a collection of photos benefiting model Petra Nemcova's Happy Hearts Fund. The charity organization, founded by Nemcova after her experience in the 2004 tsunami, aids children who have been affected by natural, economic and health-related disasters. The book is currently in production, with stars such as Russell Simmons, Serena Williams and Joaquin Phoenix having their photos shot in New York this week.'


 - Thanks to Sue, Gwen appears as #3 on the best dressed list for 2006 in the current issue of Who. There are three pics of Gwen featured - Grammy's '06, Billboards '05, and VMA's '05.

 - Happy anniversary to Gwen and Gavin who celebrated four years since they first wed on September 14th.

 - Apparently Angelo Moore of Fishbone has a tattoo of a clown on his ankle which was designed by Eric.


 - Thanks to Carly:

'Whether it's sailor pants with racer-back tops or petticoats and Harajuku makeup, Gwen Stefani is always blazing trails in music and fashion. This week, the singer-designer invited us backstage at New York's Fashion Week to show us her spring 2007 collection for her signature line, L.A.M.B.
"I've always played Barbies and I'm still doing it!" Gwen confesses. "It's very greedy because at the end of the day I'm just making clothes that I want to wear."
Gwen's L.A.M.B. line reflects her own eclectic style, which she calls "fancy mixed with casual" and "a big contradiction."
"It's always been my personality to be kind of masculine, feminine -- the Hollywood glam mixed with the baggy pants and tennis shoes. The contrast is what L.A.M.B.'s all about."
She'll be showing about 30 to 40 pieces to buyers and fashionistas Friday at New York's Fashion Week, and as expected, her clothes are a wild mix of kimonos, animal prints and plaids with dramatic Egyptian eye makeup!
"The inspiration was Michelle Pfeiffer during the 'Scarface' period meets 1970s Rasta-roo boy," she says. "And there's a little bit of a global international vibe. It's just a big mish-mash. I designed the collection being pregnant, which is a weird state of mind. But being on the other side, I think the collection turned out great!"
Gwen gave birth to little Kingston three months ago with rocker hubby Gavin Rossdale and says her son has changed her life in unexpected ways. "You know what's amazing to me is how he just comes in my life and hangs out and rolls around with me. I'm shocked! I was like, 'How am I going to make this work out?' And it just works out perfect. He just makes my life great."
She even designed a line of baby booties for him and gushes, "I wear a watch now! I didn't used to wear a watch."
This Christmas, she'll also be introducing her new passion -- luxury handbags.
"We had done the handbags before and at that time it was amazing and now I wanted to graduate to doing something that was a little more luxurious." '




 - You can now order all HL watches as well as LAMB watches from Trendy Stars.

 - You can now preorder the Gwen dolls from Big Bad Toy Store for US$22.99 each, or you can get the whole set of eight for US$149.99.

 - Get a preview of the new LAMB line when Gwen appeared on Extra, you can watch the video on You Tube now.




 - LAMB Footwear have added new mens, womens and childrens shoes. New womens styles include Chapman and Miehana.

 - Thanks to hairy-juku, you can check out new HL designs here.

 - Thanks to beli, Adrian will be playing drums for TheSTART at the House Of Blues (CA) on October 12th.

 - Happy birthday to Gabe for the 8th, he turned 33.

 - I added a few more songs to the download section, unfotunately some are m4a not mp3 though (itunes format).


 - From Gwen

"This Fall, Gwen will release a Limited Edition series of eight dolls entitled Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Inspired by her album and tour, each doll will reflect Gwen's eclectic onstage incarnations. Ranging from her Hollaback Girl to the fashion-forward Harajuku Girls of Tokyo, the dolls in this high-end line will reflect the distinctive style and personality which have made Gwen Stefani an icon. "I thought the dolls would be a good opportunity to capture some of the key looks from the album and the tour," said Gwen. "The Harajuku Girls and I wore such wicked costumes we had to share them with the world again."
Each doll comes with interchangeable outfits along with exclusive Gwen collectibles like posters, pocket mirrors, trading cards and other stylish accessories. Using images and characters from her music videos and onstage performances, the dolls are truly an extension of Gwen¹s music and vision. "The dolls are another dimension to the album and the tour, another layer to the world of Love. Angel. Music. Baby" said Gwen."


 - 'Gwen Stefani has teamed with Huckleberry Toys to launch a line of limited-edition dolls modeled after the pop star, outfitting the toys in clothes worn by the "I'm Just a Girl" singer on her Harajuku Lovers tour. The Love. Angel. Music. Baby.-branded line will include eight different 10-inch dolls, four featuring the 36-year-old's platinum hair and visage, and four based on her Harajuku Girl dancers.
Each ensemble will have a real-life counterpart, with the dolls only donning clothes that have outfitted the pop star and her ever-present Japanese street-styled dancers on her recent world tour. As such, the fashions should look familiar to die-hard Stefani fans and casual tabloid perusers alike.

Among the dolls ready to hit the shelves are Tick-Tock Gwen, featuring the doll, well, dolled up in white leggings, a baby blue pinafore dress, platform shoes and black headband, as first worn by Stefani during her "What You Waiting For?" video. Bananas Gwen is aptly dressed as its namesake in the "Hollaback Girl" video, in hot pants, knee-length white boots, a blue, white and gold marching band jacket and a red hat emblazoned with a "G." A third doll, Cool Gwen, could just as easily be modeled after Marilyn Monroe, with its platinum bobbed and curled locks and sparkling dress.
The dolls will each be available with accessories inspired by the No Doubt frontwoman, including collectible posters, pocket mirrors and trading cards. Due out this November, each Stefani L.A.M.B. doll will retail for $24.95 at Target and selected other stores in the U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately, no plans are in the works for Gavin Rossdale and baby Kingston companion dolls.'




 - New LAMB at!



 - Thanks to Julio:

'Gwen Stefani is no longer just a girl. Now she's a doll, too. The singer, actress and fashion designer announced Tuesday that she will bring her trademark rock 'n' roll style to the toy industry with a series of limited-edition dolls. There are eight fashionable dolls in all, and Stefani has dubbed the line Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The dolls are meant to replicate the colorful looks Stefani sported on her latest world tour. "The Harajuku Girls and I wore such wicked costumes we had to share them with the world again," Stefani said in a statement. Each 10-inch doll looks like the platinum-blond rocker or one of her Harajuku Girl dancers and comes with Stefani-inspired collectibles such as posters, pocket mirrors or trading cards. The dolls will be available for $24.95 at and other retailers.'


 - LAMB have added a new mens shoe, the Katella woven.




 - Huge thanks to Julio and Mari, you can check out exclusive photos of the new LAMB bags and their prices here.

Love Collection - prices from US$115-$750

Signature Collection - prices from US$75-$650

 - Thanks to Julio again, you can view some new HL designs from the upcoming season here.

 - Kitson have a few more LAMB items as well as quite a few new childrens LAMB shoes.


 - More info on Gwen and Gavin's new house:

'The 10,000-sq.-ft., four-bedroom house, built in 1998, is in a gated community off Mulholland Drive and rests at the end of a 250-ft. driveway with its own gate. Nazarian tells the Journal the ultra-private home is "designed for a celebrity." Also on the two-acre property: tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool and a screening room.'


 - Thanks to Hella Goose, "Pharell was on VH1's Top 20 yesterday and they asked him what he had coming out this year, and the first thing he mentioned was Gwen's album. He said something along the lines of "Just so ya'll know the new Gwen Stefani is amazing, its crazy. It's done."


 - Thanks to, you can check out a new Tom interview here and here.


 - Apparently on Fergie's new album she has used the Luxurious remix ftg Ludacris and just sung different vocals over the top. The song is called Glamorous and you can listen to it here.




 - From Gwen

"Despite what you may have heard, the only reason I am not attending the MTV Video Music Awards is because I will be recording and spending time with my family. Any other speculation out there is false. I congratulate all of this year's performers and nominees and I look forward to being back at the VMA's next year."


 - Thanks to Lovely Little LAMB, the first HL watch for sale online (other than ebay) has shown up, the Randy Candy design is now at Urban

 - You can find new HL at 80’s Purple and new LAMB at Nordstrom and Kitson.


 - There's alot of sales on Harajuku Lovers and LAMB at the moment, you can find items reduced at The Giant Peach, Big Drop NYC, Yellow Rat Bastard, Karmaloop (40% off LAMB shoes!), and Fresh 7.


 - Watch a short video of Gwen jogging here.

 - Thanks to pepe, here is a photo of the house Gwen and Gavin have just bought.


 - One of the designers on Project Runway (series three), Uli, named Gwen as one of his favourite best dressed celebrities. "I like Gwen Stefani. She goes to the edge, but always look fantastic. I like that tiger dress she wore to the VH1 awards in Miami. She got voted best dressed." Series three is currently showing in the US, series two is currently showing here on Tuesdays 8:30pm on Arena.




 - From US Weekly:

'Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are the proud new owners of a four-bedroom home in an exclusive gated community in Beverly Hills, Us Weekly has learned.
The couple purchased their new pad from Sam Nazarian, a hospitality mogul and CEO of SBE Entertainment, Nazarian’s rep confirms to Us. He put the house on the block in April with an asking price of $15 million.
The seven-bathroom, 10,000 square-foot house spans two acres and features an infinity pool, tennis court, and movie projection room.'


 - New pics of Gwen jogging in Manhattan on the 29th here and going to the tennis on the 28th here, thanks to jlgnxd and Sue.

 - Thanks to Ellen, Teen Vogue are giving away a free HL, enter here.


 - Thanks to Carly, a book titled 'Dreaming Of Gwen Stefani' is set to be released in February 2007. Blurb:

'After watching her life story on VH1's Behind The Music, Papaya Queen hot dog man and Columbia University dropout Mortimer Taylor Coleridge becomes convinced that he and pop star Gwen Stefani share a special connection. When he discovers that she loves Papaya Queen hot dogs, Mortimer decides to devote his life to preparing for the day when Gwen Stefani will walk into the Papaya Queen where he works, order a frankfurter, and fall in love with him. Dreaming of Gwen Stefani is a comical and quirky look at celebrity worship.'

Pre-order the book now from


 - Thanks to Sue, the current issue of NW has a double page article on Gavin having lunch with a friend and a bunch of crap about him cheating, don't get it.


 - I'm almost done with the design of the new site so now I've just got to get all the content in and then start working on the new gallery (which will take quite awhile), but if anyone has any suggestions or comments on what they'd like to see change for the new site let me know on the tagboard    =)




 - 'Gwen Stefani may not be staging a runway show for her L.A.M.B. line during New York Fashion Week, but the singer and designer said she was just as busy putting together a smaller presentation to showcase the new spring collection.

Stefani, who was in New York for a private event Thursday at the Schifter + Partners Showroom to introduce her handbags for the brand, said she was expecting to see samples for the contemporary collection this week and added she herself was interested to see how they would turn out. "My mind was on so many things," said Stefani in reference to being pregnant with her now three-month-old son, Kingston, who joined her at the event in his own baby stroller designed from camouflage-print canvas.

"I didn't always find it as easy to make decisions this time around. But it's really fun to have the brand to this point now. We've done so much work to establish what it's about and I am working with people who are so passionate and good at what they do that it comes together more easily." Stefani, who is also putting the finishing touches on a second solo album, said adding accessories to the L.A.M.B. line was a real mountain to climb, but she doesn't want to stop at footwear, watches and handbags. She said she is still looking for a partner with which she can produce a sunglass line, adding: "I've always loved a good pair of sunglasses."


 - 'Eschewing a star-studded party that would undoubtedly have been hounded by paparazzi clamoring for post-baby photos, Gwen Stefani opted for a calmer, more intimate affair Thursday, when she and Tim Schifter launched their higher-priced L.A.M.B handbag collection. An exclusive group of retailers and editors were on hand for the hour-long event, held at the four-month old Schifter + Partners Showroom in the Flatiron District. Even Kingston, Stefani’s three-month-old son with husband Gavin Rossdale, was present, cradled in a stroller adorned with camouflage-print canvas. The cozy space, lined with wall-to-wall shelves displaying the 33 different styles of handbags, was anchored by four large white fiberglass tables, inspired by the trunks bands use when on tour, according to Schifter. The bags, which retail for $395 to $700, will make their debut on December 1. 

Gwen: "It’s still so young despite having come so far. I never would have dreamed it would come this far. I’d be up here with the bags around me looking as good as they do. The idea is just to keep going and going. I just want to keep going and get more sophisticated and be really broad, but at the same time funky. I’m thinking about launching a line of sunglasses next."

The bags will be launched nationally with Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel’s, Holt-Renfrew in Canada,, and in a select group of specialty stores like Intermix.

You can check out the designs and full article here.


 - Thanks to Nikki, according to 944 magazine Andre 3000 is working with Gwen on her second album the same way he did on her first.

 - Thanks to Amy, Pac Sun will soon be selling Harajuku Lovers clothing.


 - Thanks to Anne:

'It looks like new dad Gavin Rossdale is looking for creative ways to get out of the house. The Bush frontman, husband of Gwen Stefani and father of 3-month-old Kingston, has agreed to participate in Teddy Forstmann’s annual Huggy Bears pro/am charity tennis tournament in Southampton this weekend as its “surprise” guest, reports The Post’s Braden Keil. Rossdale is expected to perform after the dinner gala as well, following in the footsteps of the Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Roger Waters and the Dixie Chicks in years past.'


 - Happy birthday to Adrian who turns 37 today, and for Tony who turns 36 tomorrow.

 - This week is the four year anniversary since No Doubt's Australian tour for Rock Steady - memories!




 - Happy birthday to Stephen Bradley who celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday!

 - Tony seems to make a short appearance in Elan's new video for Girl. You can watch the video now at Elan (in the news section).


 - Push Posters have a few pieces of ND merch 50-75% off at the moment worth checking out.

 - Thanks to roo cally, you can find an Ex-Girlfriend shirt for sale at here. Please note that this is not official band merchandise, I just thought some people might be interested in it.

 - I've added a ND show from Massachusettes 15.4.2002 to the download section.




 - Gwen, Gavin and Kingston are all now in New York while Gwen prepares for the LAMB fashion show to be held in September.

 - Check out photos taken of the new HL watches here.

 - Thanks to Dominic, HL bags are due to arrive on August 25th and will be shipped out early September for anyone who pre-ordered them.

 - Thanks to Doormat96 you can download an episode of Celebrity Death Match with Gavin vs George Bush here.


 - San Diego based female singer-songwriter Elan has filed a lawsuit with Interscope and Elan Atias over the professional use of the name Elan, full article here.

 - Apparently in the movie Snakes On A Plane there's a line where they say "This shit is bananas."




 - Thanks to zappy, new pics of Gwen leaving Burbank Studios here.

 - From

'Willkie Advises Schifter & Partners in New Accessory Venture with Gwen Stefani
The firm recently assisted fashion accessory manufacturer Schifter & Partners in its deal to manufacture several lines of accessories to be designed in collaboration with music, fashion and film celebrity Gwen Stefani.  Ms. Stefani will help design cosmetic cases, messenger bags, totes, wallets, iPod cases and other accessories under her labels L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers.'


 - Gwen is rumoured to have been cast the lead in the remake of the Tennessee Williams film Baby Doll. For the record though I don't think it's true.

 - Thanks to HotTrack, Gwen reportedly tried out for a film called Black Dalia Medium. You can watch the trailer here


 - Thanks to Julio, he recently spoke with Baby of the Harajuku Girls about the rumoured Gwen tour and she replied: "It's a rumour. But it might be true, you never know! But the fact is...we'll be back soon." She could either be referring to the rumoured tour or for Gwen's second album.


 - Thanks to Kate, taken from a recent interview with Pharrell:

'Q: Why do you think no one cared about the single you did with Gwen Stefani?
A: The album is really based on being boutique-minded. That song was just meant to be small and special to my fans. It was for them. It wasn't for the huge masses or whatever. The whole album feels handmade. If you go through it and listen to it, it feels numbered.'


 - I was browsing through the old Photos Of The Day of the band from 2000 yesterday and I came across one of Tom which appears to have been taken in Melbourne. It was posted on the site on June 8th 2000 which fits in with the band being in the country for a short promo tour in May 2000. You can view the photo here.

 - I was also browsing the gallery on Sin's Gwen and in his gallery he has high quality photos from both Melbourne and Sydney ND concerts from both October 2000 and August 2002, they're awesome photos, definately worth checking out.




 - From Lamb Lovers:

Stefani's L.A.M.B. Grows the Mix
Stefani, the singer who designs clothing and accessories for L.A.M.B., as well as for her lower-price streetwear label, Harajuku Lovers, is melding her knack for youth trends and love of European luxury in L.A.M.B.'s 33 styles, which will hit retail floors on Dec. 1.

The collection is divided into two groups, Signature and Love, which are differentiated by materials and colors but unified by a theme emphasizing "irreverent luxury," according to Tim Schifter, chairman and chief executive officer of the four-month-old accessories company, New York's Schifter + Partners, which is collaborating with Stefani to produce the line. Stefani is a minority shareholder in Schifter.

The Signature set is designed in canvas that is printed with a diamond pattern interspersed with the letter "L" in old English script and portraits of a lamb wearing a crown. It is available in saddle brown or what L.A.M.B. refers to as ombré Rasta, which fades from green to yellow to red. In the Love collection, chunky brass padlocks plated in gold tones and leather tassels dangle from oiled leather handbags in black, stone and white. Both groups integrate a black-and-white striped faille lining, white leather or burnout velvet trim running down the center and an enameled metal plaque in a robin's egg blue.

"I designed the bags for myself," Stefani wrote via e-mail in the middle of a packed schedule taking care of her 11-week-old son, Kingston, and working on a second solo album.
At the same time, she said she wanted to create a wide range of sizes and styles so that every need can be met. "I wanted to create everyday bags that were wearable, classic and timeless," she added.

Schifter hopes the L.A.M.B. handbag collection will hit the sweet spot between mall-based mass retailers and designer labels.
"Women today are dressing younger and more contemporary as they get older," Schifter said. "There's opportunity for enormous growth in the contemporary market because the consumer base has grown."

Core handbag styles average from $395 to $550 for the Signature collection and $550 to $700 for the Love line, although there are less expensive items such as $75 key pouches.

While the owner of LeSportsac, Schifter collaborated with Stefani on three collections of L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac bags that generated about a third of the company's more than $100 million in annual wholesale sales. In November 2005, New York's Accessory Network Group and Japan's Itochu Corp. acquired LeSportsac — which was founded by Schifter's parents in 1974 — reportedly for more than $100 million. Upon the expiration of a six-month nonsolicitation restriction prohibiting Schifter from directly or indirectly soliciting customers of LeSportsac products, Schifter began meeting with retailers to introduce and take orders for the L.A.M.B. handbag collection late last week during New York market.

Schifter + Partners also is working on handbags and small leather goods for Harajuku Lovers, being launched in September with a target of 450 doors.
Schifter said L.A.M.B.'s clothing, which is sold by retailers such as Kitson, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's, has paved the way for accessories. Since the clothing line bowed in spring 2004, Stefani has introduced L.A.M.B.-brand watches, and shoes for women and babies. An eyewear license is in the works.

"The L.A.M.B. customer is extremely loyal," said Erin Crandall, head buyer for, which is based in Madison, Wis., and has a buying office in New York.
Crandall said L.A.M.B. is one of Shopbop's strongest lines. Still, she passed on carrying L.A.M.B.'s shoes because they were too edgy and masculine to complement the line's top-selling feminine looks. She predicted that her customers would like the handbags, however. Shopbop currently carries styles priced between $400 and $700 from brands like Kooba, Botkier and Gustto. As the contemporary and designer handbag markets begin to overlap in price, she said, "entering a market right now and having a great bag that retails for under $500 is a good thing."

Schifter plans to limit distribution for L.A.M.B. bags to 250 doors in department and specialty stores in the first season. During the first two days of showing the L.A.M.B. collection, he said Henri Bendel, Nordstrom, Kitson and Holt Renfrew, among others, ordered the line. He plans to expand the distribution of the bags to France, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea for fall 2007. During a visit to Los Angeles earlier this month, he was scouting a location on Melrose Place for a design studio and showroom for Schifter + Partners.




 - CD Live this weekend will be screening Gwen's performance from CD:UK awhile back, for memory it was What You Waiting For. The show screens this Saturday at 6:30pm on Fox 8.




 - New candids at of Gwen taking Kingston for a check-up on the 14th.


 - New LAMB bags to debut December 1st: 'Gwen Stefani is adding to her entourage with the holiday debut of handbags for her two-year-old contemporary label, L.A.M.B.
Stefani, the singer who designs clothing and accessories for L.A.M.B., as well as for her lower-price streetwear label, Harajuku Lovers, is melding her knack for youth trends and love of European luxury in L.A.M.B.'s 33 styles, which will hit retail floors on Dec. 1.'


 - Gavin is back in LA now with Gwen and Kingston.

 - The Gwen and Harajuku Girl dolls have disappeared from Big Bad Toy Store, which most likely means that they were fake and Interscope/Gwen's lawyers found out.

 - Thanks to hairy-juku, there's been a large number of fake LAMB bags on ebay lately, more details here.

 - Apparently Paris Hilton has a dog names Harajuku Bitch.




 - No have a new quiz available to take. Ten lucky winners will an autographed, out of print vinyl from the band's personal archive. Open to US and some Canadian residents only. Take the quiz here.


 - Thanks to Carly:
'Eve and Gwen Stefani are set to reunite again for Eve’s upcoming album. They previously collaborated on two smash hits:- “LET ME BLOW YOUR MIND” and “RICH GIRL” (both tracks were produced by Dr. Dre). Eve’s upcoming album also includes productions from Scott Storch (Paris Hilton, Brooke Hogan) and Swizz Beatz (Beyonce, Angie Stone). The debut single from the album is her duet with T.I., “CASH FLOW”.
Will be releasing a new album in the Fall of 2007 on Aftermath/Interscope'


 - You can find recent HQ's of Gwen leaving the studio with Kingston at Just

 - More photos of HL watches here.

 - Thanks to Willis, you can download an acapella version of Hella Good here.

 - Thanks to Jamie, for those who have never seen the issue of Rolling Stone from 1997 with ND on the cover she scanned the whole thing, you can check it out here.


 - 'Hey baby! Are you ready to be rocked steadily to sleep in the rings of Saturn? No Doubt made it out of the tragic kingdom by always giving their fans something different. Like parents with their children, Gwen and the boys know exactly what’s good for you. These lullaby versions of No Doubt’s biggest hits are hella good. Your child is going to love dozing off while wrapped in its delicate little spider-web.'

Baby Rock Records are a company that transform rock songs into instrumental lullabies, and will be putting together a ND Lullaby compilation to be released in January 2007. More details here.


 - A few people have been asking lately about what's happening with the gallery - I'm taking an intro to web design class this semester so I'm doing a whole new site and will be buying a domain (no more pop-ups!) and have a host and I will then have the new gallery hosted there. So expect to see the new site around December or so.




 - Thanks to NoDoubterChris, Gwen is rumoured to be touring again in March 2007. He recently spoke with Flea (one of the dancers from the 2005 tour) who seems to think that she is, and Angel of the Harajuku Girls also seems to think they are. I'm not too sure as to how accurate this is, but I don't see why two people who just make it up.


 - Harajuku Lovers watches! Thanks to cellophane boy and Julio you can view some of the first HL watch designs here, here and here. Retail prices start from around US$95.

 - Thanks to Sue you can check out some new candids of Gwen leaving Mix Magic Studios on August 10th with Kingston here.

 - Thanks to Dominic, Nordstrom are reported to be getting LAMB costume jewellery in soon.


 - Thanks to saarke, Gavin recently made #8 on the list of top 10 hottest male bodies. Details here.

 - You can view a scan of a recent article on Gwen from Vanity Fair here thanks to Julio.


 - Apparently a forumer heard I Wanna Yell on the radio today - could it possibly be Elan's next single?

 - Thanks to Erika, on Ciara's celebrity playlist on iTunes she has Hollaback Girl listed.

 - Supre have a couple of LAMB ripoffs at the moment - a ripoff of the gothic hoodie but it has some crappy flowers on it instead, and some short shorts that are a ripoff of the WDMLG hoodie design. Both are crap, but check them out if you're interested.




 - From No

'No Doubt have donated a signed guitar for a charity raffle to benefit the Providence Speech and Hearing Center of Orange, CA. Please follow the link below for more information on the auction and charity. The center serves people of all ages with speech and hearing problems by providing specialized products and services. Click here.'


 - You can find new LAMB clothing at

 - New LAMB watches at Kitson, the leather braided watch which is priced at US$250 and comes in three different colour combinations - silver/black, gold/black and silver/tan.

 - Thanks to Ellen, you can check out some of the new LAMB beanie designs here and an article on the new HL bags here.


 - I'm not sure what country this is in, but Gwen is on the cover of the new Marie Claire. You can view the cover here.




 - It looks like the Gwen doll rumour is true after all, Big Bad Toy Store have them available for pre-order at US$22.99, due for release in October. There are eight different dolls available, four Gwen ones and one of each Harajuku Girl.

 - Gavin is now back in London while Gwen and Kingston are in LA still, they should be joining him shortly once Gwen is done recording.

 - Thanks to Octavia, according to the September issue of Teen Vogue (Mischa Barton cover), Harajuku Lovers bags will be available through Macy's.

 - Kitson now have 50% off Spring LAMB.

 - You can check out the schedule for Fashion Week here

 - The current AOL Face-Off is Gwen vs Justin Timberlake, vote now!




 - According to The Fashion there will be a LAMB fashion show for Spring 2007 on September 15th 2006! You must register on the site to see the details, but it's in the calender section.




 - No may have a new style coming up soon, if you check out Deep Fried their list of upcoming projects includes 'No Doubt re-design'. Thanks to El Matador for the info.

 - Thanks to Hot Track, check out these Band Builder things for No Doubt, Gwen, Hollaback Girl and Luxurious.


 - Matt Costa has been confirmed for this year's Falls Festival 2006. The festival takes place in Lorne (Victoria) and Marion Bay (Tasmania). Full details here, tickets on sale August 16th. No word yet as to whether there'll be more Australian dates.




 - East have some new candids of Gwen. Her jacket is LAMB from the new Fall line.

 - Us Weekly have done a prediction of what Kingston will look like in 25 years time, you can check out the scan here thanks to HotTrack.

 - I added Home Now live in Lowell, Massachusetts from 15.4.2002 to the downloads section.


 - Bono has been named the most influential pop star of the last 25 years, in a new survey. The U2 frontman tops an MTV poll commissioned to mark the 25th anniversary of the channel. Michael Jackson and Madonna came second and third in the poll. Gwen Stefani, Adam Ant, Pink and the Spice Girls are amongst the other music icons to feature in the Top 25.


 - 'They may have always thought of themselves as extremely fashionable, but now Kanye West and Gwen Stefani have empirical proof that they're style leaders — the pair have been named to Vanity Fair's 2006 International Best-Dressed List for the first time. Stefani, whose funky L.A.M.B. line has snagged many a teen's allowance since its inception two years ago, shares her honor with Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice, Selma Blair, Sofia Coppola and Renee Zellweger.

"Gwen and Kanye are big-time style leaders," said Amy Fine Collins, social correspondent for Vanity Fair. "They both have such distinct, strong styles and are completely visible and influential. "[Gwen] is fearless," Collins continued. "She can go drop-dead glamorous and pull it off better than anyone else. She goes to extremes of glamour, partly by channeling old-time movie stars like Jean Harlow and by looking to artists for inspiration like Frida Kahlo, who she named her as one of her style influences. She is not afraid of looking like someone else, being glamorous in an elegant way and sexy and risqué without looking trashy. She understands fashion from the inside out because she's a designer too. She's also in touch with her masculine side and gets inspiration from her husband's [Gavin Rossdale] closet. She experiments and she succeeds."


An individual must be on the best-dressed list four times in order to be inducted into the hall of fame, which includes Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Tina Turner, Bianca Jagger, Iman, Sophia Lauren and Queen Noor of Jordan, along with Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, David Bowie, Fred Astaire and Bryan Ferry. This year Kate Moss joins the hall of fame and appears on the cover of the magazine wearing only patent-leather stiletto boots and white gloves. Surprisingly, Gwen beat out Madonna this year, who has been on the best-dressed list before. "We look for people whose personality is coming through in their clothes. You can see inside their soul with what they wear." '


 - The nominees for this years MTV VMAs have been released, however Gwen is not nominated. Voting is open this year to the public in all categories, you can vote here.




 - You can watch a video of Gwen leaving the studio here

 - are giving away free copied of LITTK to readers here.

 - Thanks to Sunday Boy, Q magazine recently reviews LITTK:

Main feature: Two stars

Extras: Two stars

Recorded in their Anaheim hometown as the Tragic Kingdom album reached its multi-platinum peak in '97, No Doubt are in Roman Empire mode during this live film. All the early hits are here - Don't Speak, Just A Girl, Spiderwebs - yet only the die-hards will relish their stilted performance. A terrible ham, Stefani stalks the stage like a WW2 pin-up, with high-kicking dance routines showing a pure showbiz soul. Her band's ska-lite tunes are nothing like as captivating.

 - A few people have asked me recently for details on the LITTK easter eggs, here is the list again of where to find them:

1. Main menu > audio setup (don't hit enter) > click left arrow to highlight oranges

2. Song selector > Obladi Oblada > click down arrow, then left

3. Bonus features > play all bonus features > skip to chapter 7


 - Thanks to saarke, you can see a sketch of Gwen's wedding dress here

 - Taken from a recent Pussycat Dolls interview here:
NICOLE: "No because I think we’re already complete. Like we always say, The Pussycat is a completed puzzle. Without any of the members, this probably wouldn’t have worked out."

Among the celebrity guests like Britney Spears, Pink, and Christina Aguilera that asked to perform with you when you were still regulars at The Viper Room, who proved unforgettable?

KIMBERLY: "Gwen Stefani. We’ve always said that she’s the missing link to The Pussycat Dolls. Had she not brought people from her label with her when she watched our show, we wouldn’t have been signed up. Of course, she also was wonderful performing the standards ‘Big Spender’ and ‘Fever’ then."


 - Black+White magazine (photography mag) have a full page pic of Gwen in their current issue from the Rolling Stone shoot, details here.

 - Added an acoustic performance of Just A Girl to the download section.




 - According to, Gwen second album will be titled 'LAMB 2: The Outtakes' and will be released in November of this year. Not sure how reliable this source is though.

 - New pics of Gwen and Kingston here.

 - You can watch a short video of Gwen and Gavin leaving the Radiohead concert on June 30th here.

 - You can find some new HL at 80s Purple and Karmaloop.

 - New LAMB skirt here.

 - Thanks to Eva, Live In The Tragic Kingdom DVD is now for sale in JB Hifi stores around Australia.


 - From

'Schifter & Partners, the accessories company founded in April by former LeSportsac executive Tim Schifter and Gwen Stefani, has opened a Manhattan showroom and headquarters at 40 West 25th Street. The 5,500-square-foot loft space was designed by Seth Howe of the StudioHowe design firm and mimics the aesthetic of the company's Harajuku Lovers collection designed by Stefani. The firm's next project, L.A.M.B. handbags, launches for spring.'


 - From

'Stage Prop Benefit Auction For Girls & Boys Town
No Doubt have donated two stage props used on their 2004 US Tour with Blink-182 to a benefit auction for the Girls and Boys Town of Southern California.
First item: The white fiberglass freestanding bathtub that Gwen bounced in and out of during "Bathwater" on the 2004 tour. The bathtub is detailed with clawed feet, features complete hot and cold water hardware and a handheld shower nozzle. It also includes a prop scrub brush. (Please note: scratches and paint scruffs present from tour use. This is not an antique and is to be auctioned "as is.")
Second item: The chaise lounge furniture piece that Gwen also romped on during "Bathwater" on the 2004 tour. The chaise lounge is made of dark wood and features a carved swan detail. Its cream colored fabric upholstery is matched by an accompanying pillow. (Please note: fabric is somewhat dirty, including footprints. Small nicks, cracks, and scratches are present due to tour use. Parts have been reinforced with industrial glue. This is not an antique.)
To bid on the items and support a great cause, bidders must attend "The Spirit of Youth Awards Gala" for Girls and Boys Town of Southern California held on Saturday, August 5th at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, California. Tickets are $250. More details here.'




 - Live In The Tragic Kingdom is released in Australia today! From what I've heard though JB Hi-fi are saying it's been delayed. If anyone manages to find it or has any updates please let us know on the tagboard. I already have the my copy so I'm not going to be phoning around etc trying to get it.

 - Thanks to Hope2, he emailed asking about mens items, and they confirmed that there will be mens LAMB for Fall 2006.

 - You can find recent HQ's of Gwen and Kingston here.

 - You can download some Crash remixes here.

 - Check out for ND merch.

 - The tagboard has been looking kind of lonely lately, post something guys!




 - Sweet Kitty now have the new HL Orange County Girl accessories line available to look at here. Pre-ordering starts in September.

 - Thanks to Your Loveliness, in the future from HL we can also expect to see graffiti prints that say Orange County Girl, Meow tees (similar to the bunny tees but with kittens), Gwen/Love/Angel/Music/Baby Is My Homegirl shirts, the HL crest, and Hydrophonic Love tees (in the script used for Hollaback Girl).

 - have added a few more Spring 2006 items to the site.

 - Thanks to undoubtedchepo, you can download mp3s from Live In The Tragic Kingdom here.




 - I've got a present for everyone, all of Rock Steady Live available in mp3s. In the download section now. Enjoy!




 - "Are superstars Gwen Stefani and Eve working on another collaboration? Gwen and Eve were both seen leaving Record Plant Recording Studios in Hollywood last Thursday. The two joined their superpowers in 2002 and produced the hit song "Let Me Blow Ya Mind," earning them both a Grammy award for best rap/sung collaboration."

 - Thanks to NoDoubtfulLamb, you can check out her story, photos and video from Elan's record release party last night here. Tony and Erin were in attendance.


 - You can watch part of Gwen's Celebrity Death Match with Missy Elliot on YouTube here. Just a reminder I've got it all available in the downloads section.

 - Thanks to Matt, apparently ND played at John Spence's funeral in 1987.


 - This week is probably the final week that OK is for sale in Australia so if you haven't already be sure to grab a copy. Also ask your newsagent if they have a promo poster for the magazine, if you're lucky you might be able to score one like I did today.

 - This site has now had over 50,000 hits - thanks guys!




 - Kittyland USA will be open to the public ONLY between July 15, 2:30PM and July 16, 11:30PM Pacific Time. After this time the site will be available for Sweet Kitty customers by invitation ONLY. You can find a comparison of the bag sizes and designs to the LeSportsac LAMB bags here. I got into the site just now and got the prices (in US$) for everyone:

Pop pouchette - $28

Bunny soft case - $26

Super Kawaii pouch - $24

Angel mini round bag - $48

Baby mini barrel - $38

Catwalk mini bag - $32

Fan casual chic - $68

Juku handbag - $74

Sugar handbag - $64

Wicked handbag - $78

Bishoujo tote - $42

Candy tote - $68

Uh-O tote - $88

Racer bag - $78

Narita bag - $114


 - Apparently the next HL accessory line is going to be called Orange County Girl, with girly oranges etc as the theme.

 - Get Gwen's look from The Aviator here.




 - Gwen is nominated for Red Carpet Fashion Icon for this year's Teen Choice Awards. You can vote for her here, voting closes August 11.

 -'14th July: Lindsay Davenport goes to a charity event benefiting disabled children in Newport Beach, California. The event is for The Aliah Sweet - Fragile Heart Foundation, which focuses on the siblings of disabled children. Lindsay was accompanied by Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.'


 - LAMB watches are now also available at Kitson.

 - Thanks to Gwen*Stefani*Love, check out detailed photos of the LAMB Renaissance watch and packaging here.

 - Harajuku now have 50% mens shirts.

 - I've added some more rare mp3s to the download section for everyone, as well as Gwen's Celebrity Death Match ripped by ReturnOfSaturn83.




 - Harajuku Lovers bags! Available for pre-order now through Sweet Kitty Anime's sister site Kittland USA, you can view the upcoming designs and details on their site here. The store is password protected and you must be a Sweet Kitty member to access it. The bags are reported to be released from the warehouse on August 25th. Prices range from US$26 for wallets and makeup bags to US$98 for the bigger bags. The Camo Love bags are limited edition and cost around $10 more for each style.

Bags designed will include cosmetic cases, messenger bags, totes, wallets, iPod cases and other accessories. Schifter & Partners will show around 20 styles in Harajuku Lovers and 24 styles in LAMB. Prices on Harajuku Lovers will range from US$25-$100 and LAMB from US$50-$750.


Schifter has no plans to open free-standing stores. He will update and expand the Harajuku Lovers website and initiate an online marketing campaign. "The [Harajuku Lovers] consumer is glued to the web, providing us with great opportunities to build brand awareness."

The inaugral collection of Harajuku Lovers is made entirely of pre-washed canvas using jaquard print seat belt webbing for straps. The nylon lining of a messenger bag is printed in a black and white pattern imitating ermine. To meet shopper demand for fast fashion, new prints will be delivered every eight weeks.


LAMB bags will be primarily leather with some printed fabric pieces and leather trim. "What we're working on now is creating a signature, something that will roll over every season. The hardest thing is deciding on a logo or a zipper pull. It's those simplest things that will be there forever." Stefani said.

You can read the full article on the bags here.


 - More LAMB watches available at Nordstrom.

 - The Cupcake line has been delayed again from Sweet Kitty, but the Watercolour line has now been shipped.

 - You can now find baby HL at Tutti Bella.

 - Nelly Furtado has a celebrity playlist on iTunes that includes Simple Kind Of Life. She says she's proud that Gwen wrote it herself.




 - New Gwen pics here

 - HMV UK are listing the release date of Gwen's second album as November 11th 2006, but this isn't really anything to go by, HMV make up dates alot and it says Gwen's label is Polydor instead of Interscope.


 - Nordstrom have four LAMB watches now available on their site. They are priced at US$275 and US$475.

 - Thanks to red couch, Vestal Group Inc are reported to also be making watches for Harajuku Lovers later this year.

 - You can find details and sketches of the Fall 2006 LAMB line here.

 - Kitson have two new womens hoodies available, one in the Randy Candy design and one in the Cupcake design.


 - Vote for Gwen as the best blonde in pop right now here

 - Crash single/promo on ebay with really nice artwork.


 - Elan Atias is having an album launch party on July 16th at Jamaican Gold at the Century Club. Address: 10131 Constellation Boulevard, Century City, CA. The release party will also include a live performance by Elan. I'm not sure if it's invite only or not, I got the invitation via Myspace.

 - I was bored last night so I decided to upload a bunch of ND mp3s, some remixes, some unreleased stuff, etc. You can find them all in the download section now.




 - Thanks to Jenny, from In Touch magazine:

"Gwen Stefani is already turning her newborn son, Kingston, into a fashion plate -- she recently spent nearly $5,000 on infant clothes from Barney's in Beverly Hills. "Gwen is definately out to make sure he's the youngest person on the best-dressed list," jokes a friend of the singer. Gwen, 36, may have another little one very soon, too! Gwen's only been a mom for a few weeks, but she's been telling pals that she's ready for baby No. 2. She told a friend that she's cherishing every moment of motherhood -- even the dirty diapers and late-night feedings. "She really wants a little girl," the insider says. "She wants to be able to play dress-up with a daughter."

 - LAMB watches have reportedly been delayed a week at Nordstroms.

 - Thanks to tbolmedo, you can watch a short clip of Gwen talking about the DVD her and Todd were making on the creative process of LAMB here.

 - Vote for Gwen in the AOL Fashion Face-Off here. Gwen is currently in the lead by a long shot.


 - Thanks to JustANoDoubter you can check out some rare scans from the Loara High 1865 Yearbook here.

 - Apparently Kelly Clarkson covered Spiderwebs during a recent concert, you can download it here thanks to Jane Cinders.


 - Thanks to lenuk, here is an article from awhile ago with Gwen talking about Sophie Muller:
Gwen Stefani talks about Muller
'Sophie Muller is one of my most talented friends. She can and will only do projects that she is inspired by. She is driven by creativity and the love for what she does and as a result she never compromises. I consider her a true artist.'
'I was a fan of Sophie's work before I even imagined working with her. She has a very pronounced style and taste that drew me in. I think she has the gift of being able to bring out the artist's personality, emotion and style. After working with her for the first time on our ‘Don't Speak’ video, we became close friends and since then we have made seven videos together.' (This is now 9 videos because Sophie has directed both Gwen Stefani's "Cool" and "Luxurious").

'Our ‘Simple Kind of Life’ video is one of my favourites and is the one closest to my heart. When I first wrote the song and I played it to her in my living room (she had been staying with me at the time), it was obvious that she would be the one to do the video. She loves to collaborate and is motivated and inspired by the creativity of the artists she works with. We both had the same goal of wanting to make something that could emotionally affect people when they saw it and we did everything together to try to make that happen. The images needed to reflect the lyrics and emotion behind the song so to start we scouted locations in east L.A. together. We designed the wedding dress based on a John Galliano fashion show we both had seen and loved a few years back. The extensive amount of preparation put into the video is very important to Sophie and she loves to have meetings to discuss the project in order to make it great. On the set her direction is humble and simple but she knows what she wants and knows when she gets it. A woman in charge in the male-dominated world of filmmaking makes the whole experience that much more exciting.'


'I think after all the inspiration that goes into the shoot, her true gift is in the editing. She has a way of making every cut have a reason and meaning. The videos have a life of their own and become better each time you watch them. I am always in shock the first time I see them and then after a few more times I am actually amazed. She has taught me a lot and I feel very lucky to have worked with her. With her images of us, she has brought people closer to No Doubt and I am truly grateful.’




 - New Gwen HQ's here

 - Thanks to NoDoubtfulLamb, here are some photos of Gwen vs Missy Elliot from MTV's Celebrity Death Match.

 - After some recent problems with shipping, is now back up.

 - I made a desktop the other day with stills from the New video, it's free to anyone who likes it. Click thumbnail to enlarge.

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 - ND have a blog! This link was found by playing the asteroid game on Tony’s site, if it was fake I'm sure he wouldn't have posted it. It's great to see some photos of the equipment they've been using in the studio.

 - Check out Tony's Kingsbury Studio!

 - Also, if you go to No, you can click on Gwen, Tom and Tony to direct you to their respective websites.

 - Check out Adrian's World Poker Tour profile here


 - New photos of the Rossdale family here.

 - New HL accessories on Kitson.

 - Thanks to Gwen*Stefani*Love, he spoke to someone at Nordstroms and apparently the LAMB watches are due in stores after their sale on July 14th. Another forum member, Specca, was also told they would be available in two weeks time.

 - Thanks to Claire, this week's issue of Who has a double page spread on Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt with a piece on the Rossdale's visiting them, as well as a photo of Gwen at the back.


 - From

'Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been making the most of being back on home territory with an invitation to family friends Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale to pop over for Sunday afternoon. Over the US holiday weekend the guys, who included four-year-old Maddox, had fun racing about on quad bikes at the acting superstars' Santa Barbara estate. Gavin and his wife have been friendly with Brad in the past and are re-igniting their friendship with the births of their children. While the boys played with their toys, new mums Gwen and Angelina must have had plenty to natter about as they tended to their little ones, apparently sporting matching baby slings.' Photos from the day can be found here.


 - You can watch a performance of Tony and Adrian performing with Liam Lynch on The Late Show here

 - Gwen's sunglasses which were being auctioned for charity on ebay sold for US$473 (AU$634).

 - This is pretty funny.

 - I added a few things to the download section - a Running remix, as well as the demo and live version of Paradise.


 - From Just Jared:

'R&B producer Dallas Austin has been released from a jail in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after being pardoned on drug charges. Austin told the court on Sunday that he made a mistake and did not mean to break the law in the United Arab Emirates.'




 - From Celebrity Baby Blog:

'Gavin Rossdale shares his fatherhood likes and dislikes.
New dad Gavin Rossdale seems to be suffering from the same complaints of most parents.
"The baby's great. I'm enjoying every minute of having him around. I even took pictures of the birth," the rocker told OK. "The only thing I don't like is when he cries while I'm holding him. I always worry that I'm upsetting him or something."
He and wife Gwen Stefani recently welcomed their first child, son Kingston James, into the world.'


 - Thanks to Sue for finding this, I'm not sure how true it is:

'Gwen's Penning Rockin' Songs For Kids.
After giving birth to son Kingston, Gwen Stefani and her hubby Gavin Rossdale, have turnrd their hand to writing music for children and hope to release an album by Christmas.
"Gwen would like to record hip lullabies," says a pal. "They won't be profiting. They've decided to donate all proceeds to children's charities around the world.'


 - Gwen and Gavin were spotted at a Radiohead concert yesterday.

 - According to Eric Stefani, the reason the early ND demos were removed from his site was because "Gwen really got upset because one she sang on wasn't completed and she had 'faked' the lyric."

 - Thanks to, you can check out previews of the new LAMB watches here

 - New HL at Kitson and Pacsun.


 - Thanks to No Doubter Ty, apparently a store in the US called Hot Cats sell a tonne of HL shirts.

 - Thanks to emmauk - for those in the UK who ordered LITTK from, the shipping was delayed due to problems with the suppliers but it is all sorted now and the DVDs are on their way, and there's no problems ordering it through them now if you haven't already.

 - Rock Steady Vans on ebay

 - I added a couple more tracks to the downloads section - Hateful, Love To Love You Baby, and Sometimes (live).

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