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Author: Bec
Written: 20/10/2000
Thursday the 19th of October was the best night of my life! I went to the No Doubt concert with Jess, her sister Sarah, and her friend Kate.
It was at Festival Hall. The doors opened at 7pm, Area 7 came on at 8pm, then No Doubt came on at 9:15pm.
Gwen's hair was blonde again, and she was wearing a white singlet top with three snowflakes out of jewels. Then she had purple baggy pants with rhinestones all down the side. She was wearing black Doc's, and on her right wrist she had two pink leather bracelets. She also had a murone bindi that looked like a tattoo bindi. Her fringe was gelled back like in the Spiderwebs clip.
Tom was wearing a black vest thing, sunglasses with yellow lenses and black frames, and a black beanie. Tony had a Karate Kid tshirt, a karate bandanna, and red shoes. Halfway through the show i looked up at him and smiled, and he smiled back!! It also happened again later.
Adrian had his head shaved with blonde devil horns. He was dressed up as a ringmaster with just short tight shorts, shoes, and a hat. Halfway through the show, he was Tom, and everyone got to see him naked!
We were standing right in the centre in the second row, about two metres away from Gwen!
When they came back on for the encore, Gwen had changed into a red top that said something about Hollywood on it in glitter.
The songs played (not in order) were: exgf, skol, bathwater, magic's, artificial sweetener, new, staring problem, home now, spiderwebs, excuse me mr, just a girl, happy now, diff ppl, sunday morning, don't speak, and total hate.
I know that they opened with exgf, and finished with total hate and spiderwebs.
Author: Bec
Written: 22/8/2002
Omg, where do i begin? Jess and i caught the 3:30pm train, and arrived at Spencer Street at about 4:20pm or so. When we got there, there was no-one else around except for a group of about 6 people sitting down the end. We walked up and i could hear something going on inside so i put my ear up to the door and it was No Doubt rehearsing!! For a second there i almost cried! We heard them do Rock Steady, Hella Good, Hey Baby, Don't Let Me Down, and DJ's - it sounded sooo good! It stopped after awhile, but we heard about 20mins - it was the coolest thing, because there was no-one else around, just me and Jess getting to hear them play.
We had got to festival hall a bit before 5pm, and Adam got there about 5:45pm. It was cold waiting, but i had brought some savoy biscuits to eat, even if they weren't that great.
The merch booth opened probably 6:30pm or so - the served me first! i the white singlet with No Doubt written in old english ($35), the black long sleeve rs top ($40), the rs bandanna ($15), and a pack of four stickers ($15). I took $200 - i put $100 in each show, haha. Sarah and Kate arrived not long after we bought our stuff. Jess and I made a bet over a white Kit Kat chunky for what song would be played first (i stupidly bet Hey Baby, Jess bet Hella Good and won).
I don't remember what time the doors opened, but we said bye to Adam and his sister and after alot of waiting and pushing we got in - i was really worried they would notice the massive square in my pants (camera), but they didn't. We got in, and we were virtually in the same place as last time!! I can't believe how lucky we were! While we sat there i started talking to these really nice gay guys, Steve and Henry. There was a giant rs banner up behind the set - very cool.
Waikiki were shit.
Finally, sometime around 9pm, No Doubt came on!! I couldn't quite see properly, but i think Adrian, Steve and Gabe wandered on, and Adrian came up the front and squatted down and did this weird dance where he shuffled from side to side, it was so cute! I didn't really see how Gwen, Tom, and Tony came on =(
Gwen was wearing a black and white horizontally striped boob tube, and it had a string from the top gonig around her neck. You could see she had the red bra with rhinestones on the straps. Then she had a denim jacket on with stuff written/sewn on it like 'GRS' and 'RS' and along the bottom on the back it said 'a real love survives a rock steady vibe'. She had sort of dark greenish/brown tartan pants with zips and padlocks and stuff all over them, and she also had a bum flap that said 'lamb' (so did her top). She also had the black Adidas boxing boots.
I didn't really notice Steve or Gabe, but i noticed they both had big Jamaiican hats on. Tony had dark tartan pants and a light blue shirt with the weird design on it that is on the jackets in the UIA video, and on the back it said No Doubt and had these lines horizontally above and below it. Tom had a black pinstripe suit and a (red?) tie, and on the back of his jacket was a drawing of another jacket - weird! He also had a white sweatband on and a beard. Tony had a bandanna on too with three symbols on it. Adrian wore a rs kilt, hahaha, with blue boxers underneath, his head was shaved (tony's hair was bleached), and he had these crazy socks pulled up high.
Gwen's hair was up (the same as the rs dvd), and she had glitter on her eyelids like at the beginning of the uia clip. At one point during the show, possibly during the encore, Steve flashed his ass! Hahaha!! At the end of total hate, gwen did a whole bunch of cartwheels.
The concert was over around 10:30pm. The songs, not in order were:
RS intro - played over the loud speaker
Total Hate - the last song they played! It was sooo cool!! Gwen cried out Brad's name at the end too!
DJ's - kinda mixed with Rock Steady, so cool!!
Spiderwebs - second last song, very cool
JAG - everyone went nuts! i was on the verge of being crushed to death!!
Different People
Sunday Morning - very cool, but they didn't do the intro that i'd hoped to hear
Don't Speak - Gwen held out the microphone to the audience for us to sing, yay!
Exgf - 3rd song
SKOL - so cool!!
Bathwater - cool as! Gwen pointed to the guys in the audience
New - i was dying to hear it again, it was awesome!!
Hella Good - first song, SO GOOD!!
Hey Baby - i think the audience pretty much took over, it was cool.
UIA - sounded so sweet! Gwen held out her hand with her engagment ring on it
Detective - very cool!!
DLMD - this sounded SO AWESOME!!
IMH - they brought out this really cool/weird drum thing for Adrian to play, and he put on these headphones with little mirrors all over them. When Gwen sang 'the futre, let's talk about the wedding' she held out her hand again and everyone started cheering again.
Rock Steady - the song i had waited all night to hear, it was sooo gorgeous! it was the first song of the encore.
A totally awesome night i will hopefully never forget =)
Author: Vanessa McGurk
Written: October 2000
I won a comp to go on a shopping spree with Gwen the other day. On Monday October 23rd I met up with Gwen at Fox Studios in Sydney and were filmed throughout the whole shopping expedition by Channel V. Gwen and I both had $1000 each to spend in a shop called Beach Culture. It was the best moment of my life...Gwen and i really hit it off and became really good buddies. We both bought something for each other and she became my personal stylist for the day. She gave me all her fashion tips and we had the best time together...and she gave me a massive hug right at the end! Also, that night I went to No Doubt's gig in Sydney. It kicked ass and they played Exgirlfriend, SKOL, Sunday Morning, Artificial Sweetener, Magic's, New, JAG, Home Now, Different People, Bathwater, Staring Problem, Don't Speak, End It On This, Excuse Me Mr, Spiderwebs. What actually surprised me is that before Spiderwebs they played Trapped In A Box...I've never heard that live before and not many people had heard it before...but it rocked so good that the mosh pit went along with it anyway. it was the most amazing day in my whole life and Gwen is the most beautiful person (in heart as well) in the whole world!
Taken from Tragic Kingdom magazine issue #6
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