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Here's some old info/news from my ex-updates that is still relevant or worth reading.
 - You can check out some video stills here thanks to Finn:
 - Sign the petition for Gwen to tour Oz! I doubt it will work but its worth a try!
 - The Pussycat Dolls have released a song called Don't Cha ftg Busta Rhymes -for anyone who doesn't know, they supported ND during part of their RS tour and are featured on the RS live DVD.
 - Kate gave me the code for you NZ fans to text to vote for HBG on your channel C4 - it's s288.
 - If anyone has seen the video for the new Jamiroquai clip (Feels Just Like It Should) there is a character in it wearing almost the exact same shirt as Adrian's in the clip for New
 - Tix for Gwen's tour are said to be pricey - the one in Atlantic City is US$95!! It's being held in a casino and will be and will be more of an 'entertainment show' than a conert - ie, showcase different themes of the album, costume changes, etc. Chances are though Gwen has no controI over the prices, the touring company/promoters would. If by any chance any of you guys are travelling overseas to see these shows, feel free to let me know!
 - Gwen's second album is expected late November/early December
 - I saw an ad for ringtones tonight that rips off HBG - there is a cartoon of a cheerleader wearing a costume the same as Gwen wears with the banana on it, but different colours.
 - Tom posted on the forum the other day his favs ND tracks:
No Doubt- Sometimes (Mieke's pick - Sometimes)
Beacon Street- By The Way (Mieke's pick - By the Way)
Tragic Kingdom - End it on this (Mieke's pick - Sixteen)
Return of Saturn - Suspension without suspense (Mieke's pick - Beauty contest)
Rock Steady - In My head (Mieke's pick - Start the fire)
 - There's a new show on tv called Meet The Barkers about Travis Barker and his family. On an episode the other day, their kid was wearing one of those pink old eng ND shirts for toddlers from Hot Topic. The episode was the one where it's the wife's 30th, it has been repeated a number of times already.
 - Nicole Kidman was naming some of the songs on her ipod, and in it included some Gwen tracks
 - You can buy Gwen's Hysteric Glamour shirt (she wore it for during the May 2000 promo tour) here: (it's in japanese currency)
 - Dangerfield are selling checkerboard scarves at the moment for $18, i added the website to the shop section.
 - More news on Gwen releasing a DVD, a forum member posted this: "When I was at the show in San Diego, I overheard her bodyguard  saying that security must allow camera crew through the pit area for a DVD Gwens gonna be releasing."
 - From Gwen's official site:
Harajuku Lovers 2005 Tour - Gwen's first ever tour in support of Love. Angel. Music. Baby. will begin this October 16 in Phoenix, AZ (see the full dates below). The Harajuku Lovers 2005 Tour will feature a full stage production incorporating all the themes of the album. Black Eyed Peas will join Gwen on all dates.
Oct-16 Phoenix AmericaWest
Oct-18 San Jose HP Pavilion
Oct-20 San Diego Cox Arena
Oct-21 LA Hollywood Bowl
Oct-23 Sacramento Arco Arena
Oct-25 Salt Lake City E Center
Oct-26 Denver Magness Arena
Oct-28 Chicago Allstate Arena
Oct-29 Detroit Palace Auburn
Oct-31 Boston TD Bank north
Nov-01 NYC Madison Square Garden
Nov-03 Atlantic City Borgata
Nov-05 Washington DC Patriot Center
Nov-06 Philadelphia Wachovia Center
Nov-08 Atlanta Gwinnett Center
Nov-10 Houston Toyota Center
 - Cool will be the final single from LAMB. From BSO: The video will depict Gwen in a relationship that changes over time - as the couple become lovers, then exes and finally, friends. The clip is tragic yet elegant and scenic, thanks to its locale - just outside Milan, Italy. Erin, Tony's current girlfriend, will be playing the new girlfriend in the video. The boyfriend in the video is played by Spanish model, Daniel Gonzalez. Gwen also mentioned that she will showing the clip to Interscope tomorrow. Video is rumored to premiere in the next couple weeks.
 - Gwen on Cool - "I was never intending to go personal," said Stefani. "This was meant to be a get-up-on-the-dancefloor kind of album, you know? But no matter what you do, things just come out, this just ended this whole thing for me in my head and it puts an end to this chapter in a really nice way."
 - Article on Gwen & Jennifer Aniston:
 - Apparently there are a number of references to ND on the new Black Eyed Peas album, aside from the line "I rock steady, no doubt". Apparently there is a song that sounds alot like Traped In A Box or another early ND song. If any has any more info on this feel free to let me know, because i don't have the album.
 - The yellow jacket that Gwen wore in the Teen Vogue shoot that said "where did my lamb go?" on the back was only a sample for the LAMB line, it was never sold.
 - I read on a Gwen forum that there is this singer/violin player called Sophie Serafino who style-wise is alot like Gwen. You can dowload some songs off her site -
 - You can listen to samples of Elan Atias' music from his forthcoming album on his site -
 - Woah, Tom replied to a post just after i replied to it last night -
 - There is a poll on NDIFC to vote for what should be Gwen's next single, it is an old poll, but the most popular songs are Danger Zone, Cool, and Bubble Pop Electric. The least popular are Long Way To Go and Luxurious.
 - A forum member made a HJL desktop if anyone wants:
 - Amazon are listing a second single to HBG which is not yet released, rumoured to have Tony's remix on it.
 - The watercolour design of HJL is said to be the style of the cover of LAMB
 - Got a bunch of info on Harajuku Lovers:
"hey! i work at a sanrio store and thought you guys might like to know about some of the gwen stefani stuff it looks like we'll be getting in later this year. looks like there will be three separate lines introduced, one in november, one in december, and one in january. we got the catalog today of what sort of things will be available, and i took some notes to share with you guys if you're interested:
HARAJUKU LOVERS is described in the little brochure as a new "lifestyle accessories brand", as an "accessible line of everyday items for gwen fans" based off of the art and music from as well as gwen's "fatal attraction to cuteness".
"bananas" design
the main pattern on these items is a muted yellow color with a print of "B-A-N-A-N-A-S", "THIS $#!@ IS BANANAS" and half peeled bananas all over it. the lining fabric is light pink and white stripes. HARAJUKU LOVERS is also on several of the items, often in the form of little dangly heart shaped charms.
will include:
- tote bag
- phone charms (dangly ones with bananas)
- pencil case
- pencils (with dangly charms)
- button (circular pin) set
- rolling suitcase
"rasta print" design
the main pattern for this line is HARAJUKU LOVERS written repeatedly in diagonal stripes of text, and has a dark brown background with lighter brown, green, and yellow text.
will include:
- keychain (heart shaped ring with charms of the cartoon faces of gwen, love, angel, music, and baby dangling off of it)
- backpack
- short lanyard keychain
- pencil case
- square flight bag
"watercolor" design
based off of the watercolor artwork featured around (on the biographies, register, and events pages). most of the items are a creamish color with the drawings on top of it.
will include:
- keychain
- letter set with stickers
- wallet
- tote bag"
 - Also posted on the forum by NDolphin on the forum:
"So I am a huge fan of Sanrio and Hello Kitty stuff. I have spent a good amount of money at my Sanrio store and get along pretty well with the Store Manager/Buyer. So I went in today and decided to ask her about Harajuku Lovers. She pulled me into her backroom and showed me one of their buying sheets. She was in L.A. last week for some show/meeting about the line. So this sheet I saw had a few items on it and she told me there is actually a lot more than this. She wasnt sure whether or not this would do well for the store. I told her it would and so she should be ordering it in. Since a lot of Sanrio stores are franchises, it will be on the owners discretion. Back to the sheet.
There are 3 different prints. Bananas (bananas on it obviously, I think it was pink and white with bananas and the word bananas.) Rasta print (The words Harajuku Lovers in Rasta colors on a black Background) and a watermark print. It is the same character design as the HL camera. Except on white. So far I saw pics of suitcases, bags, bookmarks, stationary and backpacks. She also said she took some pictures, but she is developing them. She took actual pictures of suitcases. She also said there is a cuckoo clock of some sort. She doesnt remember what else she took pictures of. I am gonna try to go back tomorrow to talk with her more. I didnt get to ask her too much today cause I was just in awe. Oh she also said the earliest it would even be out would be late July. I'll post more tomorrow if I talk with her again."
 - Check out what i found - - type in and you can view all the old designs of the website!
 - Taken from GRS: "Gwen Stefani's planning a sequel to her solo album, Love, Angel, Music, Baby. She hopes to have it out by the holidays and thinks that deadline is doable since she has so many leftovers from her original recording sessions. "Me and Pharrell are going in the studio again, and we just started talking about doing a whole 'nother album with the tracks that never made it on this record and maybe writing a few more," she said. "It's going to be kind of like 'part two.' " After her initial sessions with Pharrell Williams, who produced "Hollaback Girl", Stefani realized that she overshot her mark. "The next day, I was like, 'Now I have to put out two records, I got too many tracks,' " she said. "There was a moment where I almost did, but it didn't work out." Much like before, now her dilemma is trying to decide which tracks to pick.
There's the first song she wrote with Linda Perry, "Fine by You." "It's cute, but not what I was looking for," Gwen said. "But it always feels good to write a song." There's also "Wonderful Life for Him," featuring Depeche Mode's Martin Gore on guitar, which was one of the last songs Stefani wrote with Perry and freaked the singer out so much she had to flee from the session. "It's a great track," Stefani said. "I wanted to write this deep song for a friend who had passed away, but I came in the next day and [Perry] had already written lyrics." Stefani also has plenty of tracks she's already written with other producers, such as "Parental Advisory" with Rich Harrison and "You Started It" with Pharrell. Of the latter she said, "It has these great chords, and to me, it doesn't sound anything like the Neptunes. It sounds like an early, early No Doubt song. "There are a lot of songs to choose from," she laughed. "It's really hard to choose, just because I want everyone to hear all the songs."
 - I made an awesome discovery today, on ND Universe there is a link to a separate site that lists the entire tour and setlist archive of ND, so through that i got a few more setlists and updated the tour page. The site is:
 - There is a movie called Cherry Falls that has Brittany Murphy in it, apparently there is some overweight guy in the background or something wearing an old ND shirt
 - I was just browsing on ebay today, and i can't believe i never knew this before - - for anyone who doesn't know, Gwen designed the CD cover for Rock Steady (she also did Beacon St)
 - Taken from BSO: Email from Sanrio "The Harajuku Lovers Line is being produced by Sanrio's specialty channel licensee, Nakajima USA. It is very likely that most Sanrio Boutique stores will carry the line, but at this time we do not have information on specific locations. We are unsure at this point if they will be sold online." Gwen stated that the line was expected around June 15th.
 - There's an article on the analysis of the lyrics to HBG here: - i don't see what everyone is complaining about, i understand the song just fine.
 - On the NDIFC website awhile ago they had a poll, and here are the results: Best album - Tragic Kingdom, Best single - Don't Speak, Best video - Simple Kind Of Life, Best collaboration - Underneath It All, Best male member - Adrian.
 - Someone posted this on the forum today: 'This week, Gwen broke the radio spins record. Taken from Radio & Records, "Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl spends a fifth week on the top of the Mainstream Top 40 chart and reaches an all-time weekly high at the format with a whopping 9,581 detections. Hollaback breaks the record of 9,481 spins set by Avril Lavigne's Complicated in the August 16, 2002 issue. Hollaback also earns 66 million audience impressions, which is 12 million ahead of Mariah Carey's We Belong Together, which sits No. 2 on both the audience and detections charts.'

 - Someone pointed out today that in the video for WYWF, after Gwen says "when will i be finished?" in the studio, she has a jacket, and then when she stands up for the full body shot it is gone. Also, i noticed this about the 2nd time i saw the clip - in HBG, towards the start of the song when they are driving down the street in the car and there is a crowd following them, all of a sudden some strange kid out of nowhere is in the car behind Gwen, then all of a sudden she vanishes again! I think it's just after they show the harajuku girl with the keyboard ring...
 - JB Hifi sell The Mayor Of Sunset Strip for $28
 - There's an article on Gwen singing on Gavin's album here:
 - A fan had dinner with Gwen's management and they asked if Gwen had implants, and they said she got them last year
 - Apparently Gwen says "shit" 38 times in HBG
 - Small fact for today - the original first issues of TK had a much darker cover, my friend has one that she bought not long after it came out which is almost navy blue, mine is a bit lighter, and all the ones you see manufactured now are almost a medium blue, heaps lighter.
 - Tony plays bass on 'Rest Of My Life' by Unwritten Law, which appeared on their 2002 album Elva
 - Apparently there is a CD out there somewhere you can buy called 'Maximum Gwen Stefani' which is a biography cd (there is a ND one you can buy at HMV, but it's not very good). This one is up on
 - Sean Paul (singer) said this about HBG: "That's the shit i live! I'll listen to the whole song to the end. She ain't saying much, but all the parts work. It's very nice to listen to."
 - Harajuku Lovers is entirely designed by Gwen, for those who don't know, LAMB is designed by both Gwen and a friend of hers who designs alot of Gwen's clothes (Andrea Lieberman i think?).
 - For anyone who is into Live Journal, there is a Harajuku Lovers community where Carly (ND Web) is trying to organise for everyone with a HJL camera to post their number. Does anyone have one? I'm sure everyone would love to see pics.
 - Random fact - Gwen says "na" 157 times in Rich Girl.
 - I bought an AWESOME magazine the other day called Monster Children ( and there was a section on the back page where Phil Jamieson from Grinspoon lists everything on his ipod, and LAMB was one of them!
 - As I'm sure a few of you are aware, there is a song on Eminem's latest album called Ass Like That where he basically talks about all the celebrity ass's, and there is line that mentions Gwen. He is now releasing the song, and in the clip puppets are used. There is a Gwen one, and apparently there is a dog biting her ass! Personally i think the song is horrendous, but that's just me...
 - Harajuku Lovers will include banana-scented stationary!!
 - Apparently Gwen got the idea for the pirate theme for the RG video from an old Vivienne Westwood ad (she designed a 'pirate' collection in the 80's, hahaha, it was BAD).
 - The rumour that the Harajuku Girls are under contract to speak only English is false, because a number of people have met them over the last few days.
 - A guy from the forum went to the BSC house yesterday, check it out:
 - Gwen has said that one of the songs she wrote for LAMB sounds heaps like an early ND song.
 - There's a Live Journal site specifically for buy/sell/trading lamb -
 - There is a new MTV show starting in June called Meet The Barkers, about Travis Barker (Blink 182) and his family. There is a bit when they go on tour with ND, so maybe they will show them!
 - Taken from Gwen Retro Style: 'Not content with knocking 50 Cent off the top of the US charts with her new single, ‘Hollaback Girl', Gwen Stefani has scrapped the 4th Single release "Harajuku Girls" after the Amazing chart positions of her 3rd single "Hollaback Girl". Gwen is back with the Neptunes for a new single by September and a new album before christmasl. Speaking exclusively to MTV News International, Gwen has revealed that she and super-producer Pharrell Williams are busy putting together the second instalment of her multi-million selling solo album, ‘Love Angel Music Baby'. "There were a lot of songs that didn't make the first record, because we just had so many tracks. But now me and Pharrell are in the studio again recording some of them, and writing some new ones. I was originally going to put out two albums at the same time, but it didn't work out, so now we're hoping to get ‘Part Two'.
 - "I'll finish this year up and am flirting with myself about possibly going on a short tour" - Gwen
 - There's an article on Gwen doing another album here:
 - From an article i found: 'Earlier this year, Rossdale also appeared to be desperate for another child when he promised Gwen he would take their future baby on tour to give her a break. He said at the time: "I told Gwen if she has a baby, I'll take the child on tour with me to give her a break".'
 - Found this today - 'The first Harajuku item out? The HP Photosmart Harajuku Lovers digital camera, which went on sale Monday for $249.99 at "Everyone has a camera as an accessory," Stefani says. "I thought it might be cute to have a camera that will go with your outfit. It will match the underwear I'm making." She's referring to the underclothes, as well as stationery, hats, baby clothes, T-shirts, cell phone charms and handbags, that are all part of Harajuku Lovers and will be sold at Urban Outfitters and Hello Kitty stores starting June 15. And then there's Stefani's line of L.A.M.B. shoes, on sale in August. And her first Fashion Week show this September in New York.
Doesn't she ever get tired? "I'm stupid," Stefani says with a laugh. "I don't know what's wrong with me." '
 - There was another Tony post yesterday - "Hey Everyone Here I am…this thread is awesome…thanks so much. Everything is good…I’ve been working in the studio on lots of stuff (a Gwen remix, Elan’s record). I think we’ll start working on a new ND record later this year. Very exciting!!! Sending lots of love."
 - I got a very cool email today from a girl called Annette. She is in a ND tribute band called Return Of The Steady Kingdom based in Sydney. They have been playing since the beginning of this year and can play about 24 songs.
 - That documentary The Mayor Of Sunset Strip, featuring ND, is out now on DVD!!
 - Gwen will be adding jewellery and shoes to the LAMB line for this coming season.
 - Has anyone here bought one of those Gwen watches on ebay? If so it would be cool if you could take a pic and put it in the gallery! Does anyone have any L.A.M.B? I don't, but if anyone does i would love to see some real pics up in the gallery! I want to buy a bag so bad it's killing me!
 - Gwen quote from BSO: "We've been talking a lot about doing a new record," the lead-singer-turned-solo-artist said. "It's going to be very interesting now that we've all gone off on these different journeys to come back together and see how that's gonna inspire this next record. don't know what to think, I can't predict what's gonna happen next. I mean, I never thought that No Doubt would last this long or that I would do this record, or any of this. This is the craziest life ever. I'm like, who's life is it?" - Gwen
 - There was a topic on the forum today that the ND song that no one was heard called I Think I'm Pregnant is actually Full Circle
 - I found someone who has the Sublime DVD ftg Gwen and Tony and i got him to burn it for me. There's performances of Saw Red and Total Hate from approx 1994/95, and an interview with Gwen and Tony about Bradley done around 1996/97. There's probably a total of 10mins of stuff, so not really worth paying $30 for, but it was still interesting to see.
 -  "Solo star Gwen Stefani has slammed internet rumours claiming her fabulous head of platinum locks is actually a wig - she accuses online rumour-mongers of confusing her with singer-turned-actress CHER. The WHAT YOU WAITING FOR beauty is dismayed anyone could think her hair is synthetic because she spends hours in hair salons to keep every strand in top condition. She says, "It's all my own hair and it costs me thousands to maintain it. I'm not Cher you know!"
 - Someone on the forum wrote to IO, and this is part of the reply from Ted:
Yes! Powercell is similar to Massive Attack. They are one of my favorites, so I certainly welcome the comparison. I used to listen to and create a lot of electronic music, so Powercell is an ode to that time in my life. Tom and I have moved into more acoustic and natural sounds, but sometimes we try songwriting that builds in those “techno/electronica” ways… if that makes sense.
We’ll release a few more songs on the Living Album this summer. Then Tom and I go on tour with Matt Costa ( this August. We’ll probably release a CD version shortly thereafter. Some of the Living Album pieces will be reworked, and there will be new tracks as well.
 - According to, there is some kind of Gwen book coming out. No details except for that there is a tentative due date of February 2006.
 - There's also an interesting page on Carly's site about L.A.M.B:
 - Tom's album is up!! Only some songs, but you can download them now from his site: - it's named The Living Album. Remember, he will be adding more songs to the site soon!
 - Check out this thing i found on the forum:
 - I emailed Invincible Overlord saying this: hey guys, great stuff! through the years & my light is as bright as the sun are my fave tracks. how many more songs can we expect to hear? i like the
new artwork/layout up too, very nice design. also, thanks for letting us
download it for free, that was very considerate of you  =)
And i got an email back saying: Howdy, we greatly appreciate your kind compliments and we're glad you enjoy the music.  You can expect a lot of music from us into the future.  There's no
planned number of songs, but our minds are flowing with ideas. IO
 - Tom posted this earlier: 'Just to clarify all of this for you...
Tony Kanal did a Gang of Four remix on his own, none of the rest of No Doubt had anything to do with that. (By the way Tony did a killer job on it...)
As for the Sublime tribute, I think once you hear the live version we contributed, you'll agree it was the right choice. I'm not one to boast, but our live version of "DJ's" smokes so hot it's something you might want to load YOUR pipe with. Our history with Sublime and love for their music is something that is real and concrete and doesn't need to be defended.'
 - Gavin stated that he and Gwen may be starting a family next year
 - The is what the original tracklisting of LAMB was going to be:
1.What You Waiting For?
2. Long Way to Go
3. Parental Advisory
4. Crash
5. Listen Closely ft. Missy Elliot
6. Can't Stop the Music
7. Serious
8. Criminal
9. Haven ft. Mary J. Blige
10. Just Fine
11. Bubble Pop Electric ft. Andre 3000
12. Wonderful Life for Him
13. That's the Way ft. Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo
14. What You Waiting For (Alternative Take)*
 - Gwen will be recording a song with Missy Elliot for her (Missy's) new album
 - LAMB has been referred to as 'pop album of the year' by a writer from an overseas mag - just so you know, this was a comment, not an award.
 - POD want to get Gwen to sing on a reggae track they have recorded for their new album, they've asked Glen Ballard to make it happen.
 - Tony: "Specific objects on the album cover that represent certain songs. Can we explain the least obvious? OK, the room is dark blue, just like the song, the last song on the album. Tom Dumont is holding a butterfly in his hand, just like the song "Too Late" mentioned the butterfly. That's the only two we'll give away. The rest they have to find for themselves."
 - If you go to and scroll down, they have a Gwen destop you can get
 - Check out this link to a forum member's online photos - ND tattoos!
 - Alicia Keys wants to work with Gwen on her (AK's) next album.
 - The next ND album is said to be nothing like RS (more piano and guitar).
 - Found a cute quote on the forum today: "Gwen and I have the best date nights in our own house. We just sit on the couch close together on a Saturday night and watch movies. We'll also go see a film like Sideways and just hold hands. Those are perfect romantic nights." - Gavin Rossdale.
 - There is a rumoured release date for Gwen's DVD - October
 - Adrian said in a recent interview "the next ND album will be in 2006"
 - Gwen and Gavin have new dogs!! Two German pulli's, the same as what Winston was. Cute!!
 - In the liner notes of the new Garbage album, they thank ND!
 - From Tom's blog: "The IO album will be released gradually on starting next week I think. It's instrumental music and pretty experimental. Not at all easy to listen to:) It's very fun for me though to make music and release it for free and without the need for a label or marketing or radio or mtv or any of that. So it's very pure, but in the same breath I'll admit that it's also self-indulgent. Enjoy."
"As for No Doubt, all I can say is that each of us is doing our own thing for the forseeable future."
 - I read today that before being called No Doubt, the band also called themselves The Applecores (a variation of when it was just Gwen and Eric called Apple Core), but also Primary Colours.
 - For anything else i mention in the 'shop' section - if there's something you really want, email me and i would be happy to get it for you and send it out, and you can just pay me as you would for an ebay auction.
 - Blue Dog Posters are selling the poster of Gwen from the Rolling Stone cover, as well as the Rock Steady promo pic - They also have a store in Sydney - 9 Wilson St, Newtown
 - Girlfriend magazine ran a poll on what readers thought of Gwen's style. The results are:
49% - i would steal Gwen's wardrobe anyday - it's cool, it's wild and edgy!
29% - it's definately cool, but a bit too cool (wtf is that supposed to mean??)
22% - her look WAS cool, but enough already! total overkill.
 - Gwen has signed a contract to have all the rights to Harajuku Lover music (ASAP).
 - "I was in a band since i was 16 years old. I've been in a fucking rock band touring the fucking world for 18 years. So if you're gonna try and erase that, then i'm going to stick my finger right in your face. I know what it's like to be up on stage with anyone from a stupid, fucking wannabe punk rock band to opening for U2 and The Rolling Stones." - Gwen
 - There are some new Vans shoes out in red and black checkerboard!! I saw them in General Pants Co yesterday for $99. And for anyone who likes Vans, Converse have come out with their own similar style of shoes, only a little less flat and chunkier - the ones i saw were around $70 too. There are also some red tartan Converse All Star shoes out - you can get them from their outlet store at Brand Smart in Nunawading for only $60 (rrp $80).
 - I came across this site today, I've seen it before, but it's worth checking out:
 - There is a martial arts store near my work, and they sell the adidas boxing boots that gwen wears during the RS tour!! I'm not sure how much they are, but my guess is at least $200. The shop is on Maroondah Hwy in Ringwood (if you are driving towards the city it is on the right), and it is yellow, and next to a bike shop and Inacoma. If anyone wants details like a phone number or a price, just email me and i will check it out - i walk past there a couple of times a week.
 - For those of you who don't know, Gabe (keyboardist/trombone) is in a band called OSLO where he plays guitar (and i think sings). Well now they have an album out! If you go to their site they have some pics and videos and stuff to check out.
 - I found a site that sells the RS vans!!!! Someone posted it on the forum, and you can get both the slip ons and laces ones - check it out!!!
 - A cd store in my area (Boronia) called Sight n Sound are now selling Gwen posters (that rs concert pic) - very cool, and only about $10. Look them up in the yellow pages!
Got something to add? Email it to me: